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Our story, so far…


Although we are now partnered with Expedia, the largest travel company in the world, our story has far more humble beginnings and begins on the mountainside of the beautiful Hawaiian island, Maui, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.


Whilst working on a fruit farm and being inspired by the natural beauty and the fiery energy of an island archipelago still in formation, was conceived and has grown to see many new and distant shores. We haven’t forgotten our roots though and always remember why we formed: To showcase beautiful travel destinations, to inspire people to travel to new and wonderful places and to truly awaken a desire to explore our beautiful planet.


In today’s fast paced technological world, you’d be forgiven if you said you were too busy to find new and wonderful places to visit,  so we do that for you. We love travel and exploring the world and get excited to share the images and stories of the places we are passionate about, knowing it can also inspire, uplift and enrich the lives of others who we point in the same direction we continue the search. 


There is so much wonder and variety on our planet and we believe that living a full and happy life means experiencing some of these places with your own senses – the wonderful smells of incense at dawn, the sounds of the crickets at dusk, the smell of wonderful local spices and cooking as you wonder through a market on a hazy afternoon or the magic of looking back at a Hawaiian mist rainbow from the ocean.


We are proud to be affiliated with to bring you the best in the hotels all over the globe and we know that for many people, the combination travelling with a company such as ourselves provides the perfect unison between the passion, belief and honest love of travel that you find in a small specialist adventure company such as ours combined with the peace of mind that comes with booking via a large scale business booking system with global customer support. This is what we provide and we are excited to be able to offer this unique combination to our customers by using Expedias booking system and customer support to offer our hotels. 


We wish you very happy and wonderfully fulfilling travels wherever you choose to go. Best wishes and happy travels from the Team!